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BocaVox LLC Privacy Policy

I. Notice

This Privacy Policy details the practices that BocaVox, LLC has established to protect its users’ privacy. It will help you understand how we collect and use the information we collect. When it comes to the collection of personal information from children under 13, BocaVox adheres strictly to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Collection and use of personal data

BocaVox, LLC provides Maestro SIS as a software solution for learning institutions, and as a default to its members, students, and parents/guardians. Throughout Maestro SIS we collect various types of personal information when a user registers at the chosen learning institution once they create and log in to their account. The information collected is used solely for the learning institution that selected Maestro SIS as their administrative system for admissions, and thereafter to manage personal academic data and communications once a student, parent, or guardian becomes accepted. Nothing herein is sold to any other organization for any commercial purposes and is only shared with third parties such as a learning management system (LMS) or payment gateways if your learning institution or payment gateway has requested for us to share it (see section III. DISCLOSURES/Onward Transfers of Personal Data). For students who reside in the European Union, we will require that they (or their parents, if underage), give us consent.

The personal information we collect may vary according to the type of learning institution or the school district involved and is not limited to: user name, user id, first and last name, role, organization affiliation, email address, phone number, birth date, personal records and billing information (which may include credit card and /or bank information) site tracking data (IP address and browser type, Operating system, java script version, cookies, activity, event) and in general the actions users take when they visit Maestro SIS, class information (assignments, files, notes, discussions, mail messages, links, reminders, and all other documents that you submit to Maestro SIS), and potentially any information submitted when creating an account in Maestro SIS.

For those applying to institutions of Higher Ed, it may be necessary for us to require your social security number, which will be encrypted in transit, and only the staff members at your institution and others involved in processing your financial aid, who have a justifiable need to see it, will have access.  

BocaVox uses personal data that it collects for the below business purposes:

  1. To maintain & support Maestro SIS and contractual obligations with its partner schools
  2. To verify user identity
  3. Storage and processing of data in computer databases located in the USA


BocaVox offers its users from the European Union the choice to apply to their learning institution through the Maestro SIS site or to contact their learning institution directly for other means of applying for admission.

In the event of Personal Data covered by this policy will be used for a new purpose, that is materially different from that for which it was intended, BocaVox will take the actions necessary to inform its customer and the users of Maestro SIS of the new purpose and provide the choice to whether to have their Personal Data used or disclosed.


While we promise to never share or sell your data to other organizations, there are a few instances where we may have to provide it to other entities. The only situations where we will share your personal information are under the following, circumstances:

  • When you wish to make an online payment through a third party such as an e-commerce application or enroll in a course offered via a Learning Management System (LMS) and/or other integrated applications in order to perform BocaVox’s contractual obligations with your learning institution.
  • We will only transfer the data only if the third party has made contractual assurances that it will (i) process the Personal Data for limited and specified purposes consistent with any consent provided by the Data Subjects, (ii) provide at least the same level of protection as is required by the Student Privacy Pledge 2020,  and the Student Privacy Compass,  (established by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)), and will notify you if for any reason we make a determination that we cannot do so; and (iii) cease processing of the Personal Data or take other reasonable and appropriate steps to remediate if such a determination is made by us or by either of these two parties.
  • When necessary share your information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or as otherwise required by law.
  • When you request that we transfer your information to an employer or another learning institution.  

BocaVox complies with the same level of protection as the Student Privacy Pledge 2020, Student Privacy Compass, and the General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) when pertinent, for all onward transfers of personal data received on behalf of our customers, including the potential liability provisions for onward transfer.

Notice for School users: This Privacy Policy does not govern your learning institution’s use or disclosure of personal information through Maestro SIS. BocaVox, the developer of Maestro SIS, is not responsible for your learning institution’s collection, use, or disclosure of personal information. Contact your learning institution or visit its website for its privacy practices.


BocaVox, LLC maintains reasonable and appropriate measures to protect personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction in accordance with the Privacy Shield Principles.


BocaVox, LLC limits the collection of Personal Data to information that is relevant for the purpose of complying with its contractual obligations with your learning institution and does not process such Personal Data in a way that is not compatible with the express educational purposes for which it has been collected. BocaVox, LLC complies with the requirement under the Student Privacy Pledge 2020 of retaining personal data in an identifiable form as long as it serves its purposes.


You have the right to access, modify or update your personal information at any time. Changes to this information will be dependent on the requirements of the Learning Institution you are associated with.  Therefore, contact your learning institution regarding modifications to your personal information after account creation.


BocaVox is subject to investigation and enforcement by the Federal Trade Commission. BocaVox commits to resolving complaints about your privacy and our data collection or use of your personal information. EU and UK Individuals with inquiries or complaints regarding our privacy policy should first contact BocaVox at:

BocaVox – 2900 Glades Circle, Suite 500
Weston, FL 33327
(954) 453-9705  

For residual complaints not fully or partially resolved by other means, you may be able to invoke binding arbitration.


This Policy may be amended to remain consistent with the requirements of the Student Privacy Pledge, and the General Data Protection Regulations for students who reside in the European Union, enforcing applicable data protection and privacy laws and principles. We will notify employees of available changes to this policy as it is updated. BocaVox will inform its customers and data subjects of the changes in this Policy when the changes made affect the data collection and we will allow them to choose to accept/reject the changes.

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