Management of Hierarchical Organizations

Management of Hierarchical Organizations

Manage hundreds of schools, with multiple programs and different business processes, all within a single database. Maestro’s flexible architecture enables organizations to scale horizontally & vertically, supporting exponential growth while maintaining high performance.

User Roles & Access Levels

One platform can be used by multiple schools under a single state or district with user-controlled access to system modules and data within each level of hierarchy, ensuring FERPA regulations are met.

Course and Section Associations

Courses and sections can be assigned to specific levels and branches of the hierarchy, restricting student access to only courses that fall in the same downline level and/or branch as the student’s association.

Branded Login Pages

Customize each Maestro environment with unique branding for every institution you serve.

Business Rules Per Organization

Maestro allows for functional processes to be unique or shared between schools, programs and departments.

State Reporting

Maestro has a very powerful state reporting engine that allows for multiple states in a single database.

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