School Administration

Enrollment Management

Course Requests can be automated by grade level or program affiliation, and students can be bulk enrolled, dropped, transferred, completed or withdrawn.


Maestro’s Master Scheduler creates campuses, buildings, classrooms and seats, placing students and faculty into existing or newly created sections. Set section capacities, enable a wait list, and choose between multiple automated enrollment options such as balanced class distribution or filling one section before approving another. Complete multiple ‘trial’ runs to determine a process that optimizes student and faculty schedules.

Degree Audit/Plan of Study

Maestro SIS’s graduation plan is individualized per student, school, group or program & automatically updated upon course completion. A helpful tool for advisors and students to support program pathway planning. Identify required and optional course selections, per the requirements of one or more majors, minors, and other program tracks such as certificate or professional programs. Track active and completed enrollments by status (including external transfer credits), suggest future courses to enroll in, and use the plan as a roadmap to success.

Configuration vs. Customization

Maestro SIS puts configuration power in the hands of our users with the click of a button. Our system offers over 400 optional parameters that can be easily changed as rules and functions evolve, and needs change. This allows clients to optimize the functionality of their system in real time, without the need for costly customizations. 

Create new fields on the fly for capturing additional data sets without writing new code.

Bulk Import & Export 

Use Maestro’s templates to import and/or update records in bulk with built-in system validation for required fields. Bulk import and export is available for almost all objects and can be carried out from any module. Import and/or update user accounts, course requests, enrollments, & much more.

Bulk Actions

Bulk enroll students, send targeted messages, and promote students at year-end with just a few clicks.

Custom Progress Reports & Transcripts

  • Designed to your institutional specifications
  • Automated report generation and distribution at defined intervals

Faculty Management

View the profiles of each faculty member in your organization. Access their schedule and course information and a record of faculty-student communications via a contact log with automated notifications triggered by a threshold of days void of student communication.  Track your faculty member’s degrees and certifications and assign faculty to specific courses based on credentials.

“Their customer service remains unparalleled.”

 As a small, start-up institution, it was absolutely necessary to find an SIS that fit our needs without breaking the bank. But many of the popular options were simply too big and too costly for us, and I began to worry we’d end up with a product that simply didn’t work the way we needed it to. Then we found Bocavox. Dean and his team took the time to understand the details that make our institution unique, and worked with us to find solutions that addressed our needs. Moreover, although our system is now fully implemented, their customer service remains unparalleled. As a Bocavox customer, I know my concerns will always be addressed and my satisfaction valued. Now, as we grow, I am confident we have an SIS that will address and support that growth, leaving me the time and energy to focus more on the success of my students and the future of the institution.

Doral College

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