Our Process at a Glance

Streamline the entire admissions process from lead, applicant, student, enrollment, and payment. Maestro’s Admissions Platform provides real time data to summarize the progress of an applicant’s admission and enrollment status at a glance.

Increase Recruitment and Boost Enrollment

Nurture your prospects with personalized communication, customized email templates, and automated follow ups & notifications. Assign lead agents per zip code, region, or other preferences.

CRM/Prospect Management

Collect data from prospective students with dynamic inquiry forms based on your institution’s criteria and standards for admission. Track lead-to-student conversion rates with custom reports to support your marketing efforts.

Simplify the Student Evaluation Process

The process of evaluating prospective students has never been easier. Gain insight on admissions statistics with one look at the prospect profile including: transcripts, test scores, document requirements, special needs, interactive notes, and tracked communications to and from the institution.

Application Workflow

Step-by-step Application Workflow Wizard customized according to institutional procedure.

NEW on demand course catalog with a shopping cart experience for prospective students to request & pay for courses on the front-end portal.

Communication Tracking

All communications made from Maestro SIS are tracked and copied to the recipient’s Maestro inbox, as well as the recipient’s reply. Outgoing SMS texts and email messages are also tracked in a log, so pertinent staff members can refer back to records.

Document Management

Maestro users can upload, view, and update the status of documents. Documents include fillable electronic forms as part of the admissions process.

Automated Messaging of Admission Status

Automated message templates can be sent via email at certain stages of the admissions process.

Request Courses

Students can view a public-facing course catalog and request courses during the application process.

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