Preserving Our World Through Sustainable Practices

Sustainability and responsible action are pillars of our operations and mission at Bocavox, LLC. To ensure our future generations can enjoy the beauty of this planet, we are committed to creating policy and action that preserves the resources we are given, facilitating practices that foster responsible endeavors and are proactive.

We firmly believe that our employees are the key to our success as a sustainable company. Improving employees’ well-being is a critical and driving factor towards upholding eco- friendly practice. Our work environment is hybrid, with 50% of our company working remotely 2-3 days per week and 50% of our company working 100% remote. Simultaneously increasing employee morale and reducing fuel usage and emissions are fundamental to our sustainability efforts. Additionally, we are a paperless company, offering a product that is fully web based, with implementation and support processes conducted virtually using various software tools.

BocaVox is committed to being a reliable partner for our customers in providing a modern, high performance, and customizable software solution. Our services support digital transformation. Digital transformation can help to mitigate or even reverse the consequences of climate change. We want to play an active part in this with our solutions, enabling and helping our customers to operate sustainably.

We aspire to effectively assist people in building expertise in the area of modern technologies. Our focused support of universities and schools is rooted in the mission to make a positive impact on the present and future by injecting technology based and environmentally friendly resources where many of our thinkers, leaders, and the citizens of the future reside.

At BocaVox, our goal is to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. To reduce the impact of our business activities on the planet, we continue to evolve our practices in ways that reduce climate harming activities and promote sustainable initiatives circled around the use of modern technology. These processes include paperless billing, a cloud-based software product, remote work environment, remote client support, and digital marketing.

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