Competency and Personalized Learning

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Kickstart the implementation of a competency-based learning program with tools customized to your organization’s assessment model.

Maestro SIS Support for Competency Based Learning

The competency-based learning model offers a more flexible and personalized approach to teaching & learning. Pre-defined learning outcomes allow students to progress through a course or program at their own pace, moving forward as they demonstrate mastery on these pre-defined outcomes. Compared to the traditional model, competency-based learning offers students a more personalized learning experience, giving each individual the opportunity to succeed and reach their goals regardless of time, pace, or personal situations.

Define Competencies

Import standards and define the desired level of competency for a course or a course of study, such as a major, minor, or high school diploma.


Teachers can create rubrics and associate them to assignments and standards.

Assignment Types

Educators can create as many assignment types as they please and associate them to specific course sections. Assignment types categorize assignments and partition them into marking periods.

Individualized Learning Plans

A reportable forms tool gives educators a means to personalize the education experience for each student, support individual needs and goals, and track academic progress to ensure they are on the right path to achievement.


Maestro’s pacing feature combined with internal academic reporting informs school administration, faculty, and students of assignment pacing and learning outcome progress as it changes.

Outcome Based Gradebook-LMS Integration

Import and align your Maestro outcomes gradebook with the data from your LMS. Through a two- way integration student progress can seamlessly be transferred across systems to avoid duplication of data entry.


Produce custom transcripts based on any data points found in Maestro. Pull in mastery level, outcomes, and faculty comments on student progress.

Rolling Enrollment Management

Utilize Maestro’s flexible enrollment set up which provides the ability to enroll students in courses with odd start and stop times, and extend enrollment end dates at any point so students can advance at their own pace.

External Tests

A student’s external test score can be added to the student record with the date it was taken and any special accommodations.

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