Data-driven Decision Making

Maestro SIS offers robust, reliable data accessible by role, using report tables or analytical visualization. Maestro’s extensive reporting capabilities enable users to pull data directly from Maestro into customized reports according to organizational, state, or federal requirements.

Standard SQL reports

Maestro offers several standard, pre-made reports that categorize data for analysis by department. Reports are user role and access level dependent. Typically, a teacher will have access to academic reports, which will contain records only for those students they are currently teaching.
Report types: academic, admission, application, attendance, discipline, enrollment, financial, forms/surveys, grade report, health, leads, marketing, transcript.

Custom Reports

Query as often as you like on the grid, or create your own graphical, savable, reports from any field in the entire database that is accessible within your security level and save them in over 20 file formats. 

Schedule reports to run automatically at specified intervals with email notifications to defined users or groups once the report has run.

State Reporting Engine

Maestro SIS has a very powerful state reporting engine that allows for multiple states in a single database. Reports can be exported directly from Maestro SIS in a format that is ready to submit to a district or federal government, with an internal error check so data pipeline submissions always come back clean on the first try.

IPEDs, Financial Aid, and Institutional Finances

Access the reports you need to submit to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. We have prebuilt many of these already for our higher education clients and can provide any additional report requirements as a default query in Maestro with shortcut buttons and scheduled run times to ensure easy and timely delivery.  

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