Course Management

Attendance Tracking

Multiple attendance options for blended learning include manual classroom attendance, online attendance in minutes from LMS, clock hours, offline attendance, and student ID cards. Define as excused or unexcused and document absence reasons with comments.

Assets/Inventory Management

The assets module enables administrators to track the flow of educational materials between users and inventory. Asset materials such as a textbook or tablet can be issued directly to a user account or associated to a course/section & allocated to the student upon enrollment.

Gradebook & Grading Scales

For online courses, gradebook data is updated daily from the Learning Management System. For all other courses, gradebook data is updated when grades are entered in Maestro. In addition to grades, users can enter comments related to specific assignments, current and final grades, or the enrollment in general. All comments can be pulled into Maestro’s custom grade reports and transcripts.

GPA Calculation

Establish weighted and unweighted grading scales, and implement multiple grading scale configurations by organization, program, course, or section. Maestro auto-calculates GPA based on a set criteria and has the flexibility to exclude specific courses and assignments. Maestro establishes class rank and provides detailed insights into GPA and all other academic data via custom reporting and on demand grid queries.

Academic Pacing/Automated Notifications

View the real time academic progress of each student and of the population at large so issues can be identified and timely action can be taken. Send at-risk students personalized message templates reminding them to stay up to date with assignments or set up automated enrollment messages to go out on a predetermined frequency to targeted student groups based on specified criteria.

Multiple LMS Integrations

For the blended and online classes, faculty and students can single-sign-on to their LMS or content providers directly in Maestro. Grades will automatically import into Maestro when a student receives a score in the LMS. Read more about our Integrations.

Faculty Conference Scheduling

Faculty can determine their availability for one-on-one & group conferences and provide time slots for current students and guardians to sign up.  Whenever a student or parent schedules a conference with a teacher or advisor, that conference will automatically show up on the pertinent calendars and that time slot will be unavailable to other students.

Test Site & Proctoring

Proctoring site management allows users to schedule external tests for students and manage test sites, test facilitators, test attendance, and special accommodations.

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