Financial Management

Billing and Financial Aid

Managing school financials has never been easier. Maestro includes a robust accounting ledger to generate invoices, securely process payments, track payment history, create financial reports, and manage financial aid. Give your students a one stop shop experience supported by integrations with third–party payment gateways and Financial Aid services.

Collect fees through Payment Gateway

Maestro SIS integrates with most payment processing gateways to accept secure online payments for tuition & other student fees. In compliance with Payment Card Industry regulations, Maestro ensures all credit card & financial data remains secure.

Automated Invoicing & PO Generation

Maestro eliminates manual tasks for your billing department. Auto-generate invoices & purchase orders upon course request, program enrollment, and other defined triggers. Students will receive real-time ledger updates including new invoices, outstanding fee reminders, financial aid disbursement, and payment confirmations.

Payment Plans

Offer payment plans to your students with optional down payments and periodic billing based on the terms of the plan. Maestro will auto-generate and distribute invoices to users based on the payment plan selected.

Late Fees

Apply late fees to invoice payments based on a fixed amount or percentage. The charge can incur one time, daily, weekly or monthly, starting a number of days past delinquent or due date.

Discounts & Coupon Codes

Organizations can provide students or employees with discount or coupon codes to use during course or program registration for full or partial payment in lieu of traditional billing.

Financial Aid

Power up your school with the ultimate Financial Aid and SIS Integrated solution. Reduce hours of manual tasks and spend more time recruiting and enrolling new students.

At BocaVox we have partnered with Campus Ivy, a cloud based Financial Aid servicing company with over 50 years of experience making the process seamless for your Financial Aid team and your students. Maestro SIS automatically transfers the required information of financial aid applicants to Campus Ivy. Student awards and disbursement are easily posted to student ledgers in Maestro for simplified tracking of tuition payments and refunds. 

  • Financial Aid Automation
  • Auto generation of award letters using school logo
  • Student Notifications - award letters, required documents, Verification status
  • Student e-signature
  • Package Students
  • Print ISIRS
  • Automated ISIR updates to CPS
  • Upload documents through mobile devices
  • Automated Verification with C-Code Processing
  • Entrance/Exit Counseling Notifications
  • R2T4 Calculation
  • Enrollment Reporting
  • Compliance/Audit Preparation
  • Reconciliation Software for COD
  • Accreditation and IPEDS reports

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