Communication Logs and Reports

Every action in Maestro is captured & logged, including communications. Users can access a student’s communication log to view messages from any point in their journey (lead, applicant, etc.)

Pull reports on all communication types across the entire organization, a single school, department, or program.

Internal & External Email

Maestro’s communications module acts as a typical email server.

Two-way embedded communications with full HTML email functionality.

Faculty Contact History

Administrators can track teacher and advisor contact with each student. An alert can be created to notify the teacher/advisor when contact is overdue.

Automated Message Templates

Create custom message templates and define the associated recipients (individuals or groups). Message templates can be sent manually, at specific time intervals, or based on a trigger in the system (student enrollment, application accepted, etc.)


Create notifications and schedule automated delivery. Target specific users or groups of users with reminders that monitor and support their academic progress. For example, when a student is behind pace by more than 2 assignments, a message can be sent to remind them to catch up.

Announcement Board

Back-end users can post an announcement or event that users will see upon login – target a specific class, a group of students, or the entire school, with the option to allow replies from recipients.

Mobile Capability

Mobile ready for student/guardian users to access Maestro on the go! Multi device supported including smartphones and tablets as well as a fully responsive web design.

SMS Texting

Send SMS text messages or automate messaging and notifications. Ramp up your text capabilities via of our partnership and integration with Twilio.


Create groups of students by type, grade level, disability, state – you name it, and send them a message, update them, promote them, report a disciplinary event, or perform other group actions of your choice.

Email Delivery Confirmation

“Email status” reveals whether an email was successfully sent, is pending, is sending now, or failed to send. Maestro also identifies to admin/staff/faculty if and when a message was opened by a student user with a date and time stamp indicating when it was viewed, deleted, or not viewed at all.

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