Student & Guardian Portals

 The Student Experience

Provide students with a centralized platform to manage all aspects of their academic journey. Upon login students can view their current enrollments, program requirements, grades, assignment due dates, attendance, school calendar and class schedule, financial information, and all communications.

Course Catalog & Course Requests

Students can view all course offerings & request courses based on their program requirements or suggestions from school advisors.

View Grades, Pace, & Attendance

Parents & Students can view their real time grades, attendance, and pacing information for all current enrollments at any time.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Students can access their current online courses with the touch of a button in Maestro, giving great support for blended learning.

Calendars – Schoolwide & Personal

Access the school calendar and create personal reminders & events to stay on top of your academics!

Inbox & Email Communications

View school-wide announcements, send messages to faculty, & access all school communications from a mobile device.

Pay School Fees Online

Users can make payments online without ever leaving Maestro.

View Unofficial Transcript & Grade Reports

Students and/or parents can view their unofficial transcript, grade reports, and GPA at any time.

Schedule Conferences with Faculty

Students and/or parents can schedule a teacher conference with just a few clicks.

Help Videos

Maestro SIS offers a number of video tutorials and an onsite user manual on each module.

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