What’s New in Maestro SIS Release 4.1

Published on January 22, 2020

BocaVox is excited to announce the latest release of Maestro SIS! Release 4.1 unveils the brand new Competency Learning feature and Gradebook. Several enhancements were made for better usability of existing features such as CRM and Lead Tracking, Reports Builder, Ledger, External Enrollments, and more.


  • New Gradebook
    • Manage Gradebook view by grade or outcome/competency
    • Assignment Level Hierarchy
    • Personalize the grade book per teacher and section
  • New Competency Learning 
    • Import standards and define the desired level of competency for learning using an outcome grading scale
    • Associate assignments to rubrics, with specific outcomes and objectives
    • View student advancement toward mastery in real-time
    • Assign grades based on mastery level
    • Automatically assess rubric mastery based on section assignment grades and rubric grading scale
    • Automatically generate lesson plans for a section based on the outcomes and rubrics associated with it
  • Updated Custom Reports Builder

  • Enhancements for Better Usability
    • Assignments
    • Assignment Type
    • Coach to Student Association
    • Grading Scale
  • CRM and Lead Enhancements
    • Student and Guardian information on Lead Form
    • Assign a Lead Agent to a Lead (individually or in bulk)
    • Communication Tracking including Email, SMS, and manually entered notes
    • Leads Calendar to schedule appointments
    • Contact History for Lead Agents
  • Improved Front End Mobile Device Usability

  • External Enrollment Grid now allows filtering and sorting by Term.
  • Automated Message Templates for Marketing Campaigns
    • Based on number of days after lead creation, status of lead changes, and scheduled events
  • Ledger Enhancements
    • Revoke Invoice allows the deletion of invoice(s) created from a Purchase Order as long as their isn’t already a payment made toward that invoice
    • Allow bulk invoice of Purchase Orders with Payment Plans
    • Allow discounts on Purchase Order items
  • Multiple Payment Gateways can be added to a single instance of Maestro with the ability to pay in both Euros and Dollars.

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