What’s New in Maestro SIS Release 4.0

Published on August 22, 2018

BocaVox is excited to announce the newest release of Maestro SIS! Release 4.0 is all about ADA compliance and a newly designed user interface for the front end. There are several other new features and enhancements, including Classroom Scheduling for our brick & mortar institutions.

  • New Front End User Interface is ADA Compliant for accessibility to people with disabilities.
  • Master Scheduler
    Maestro’s Master Scheduler creates campuses, buildings, classrooms and seats and places students and faculty into existing or newly created sections. Multiple ‘trial’ runs can be completed prior to selecting the run that optimizes the students’ and teachers’ schedules.
  • Calendar Enhancements
    Class schedule will automatically show up on a student’s calendar with day/time and classroom (if associated).
  • Bulk Import/Export of LMS credentials
    Clients using Maestro’s API can now bulk import and export LMS credentials.
  • Enhancement to Course Pre-requisites and Co-requisites
    Maestro can now recognize external courses and/or external test scores as a pre-requisite or co-requisite for a course.
  • Enhancements to Special Needs function
  • Grade Range Specification on Course Creation & Plan of Study

New in Version 4.1 – Read more about this update

  • Competency based Report Card / Grading with outcomes mapped to lesson plans
  • CRM Enhancements
  • Gradebook Enhancements
  • Health & Clinic Management
  • Conference/Event Scheduling Enhancements

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