Maestro SIS Release 3.8

Published on January 26, 2016

The BocaVox dev team has been at it again, and we’re ready to shower our users with yet another round of new updates and features. Our biggest and best ever release will be available this spring. Our focus for Release 3.8 is support for Individualized Learning, which we’ll continue to build out in future releases.

This release is by far our largest investment ever in Maestro SIS, with the most outstanding work we have done to date – providing our valued users with an abundance of powerful new capabilities, including the ability to bulk upload tens of thousands of records in fewer than five minutes. Additionally, we made major changes to the Maestro SIS infrastructure to enable us to respond to many requests mid-release.

A few of the new and improved features include a new front enrollment wizard; individualized plan of study; individual forms for use as Individualized Learning Plans; proctor site management; teacher conference scheduler; and associating multiple coaches per student – and the list goes on…

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