Analyzing data in real-time allows administration to make quick, informed decisions and action plans. Maestro SIS offers robust, reliable data accessible by role, using report tables or analytical visualization.

State Reporting Engine

Maestro SIS has a very powerful state reporting engine that allows for multiple states in a single database.

Standard SQL reports

Maestro offers several standard reports that categorize data for analysis by department. Reports are user role and access level dependent. Typically, a teacher will have access to academic reports, which will contain records only for those students he or she is currently teaching.

Custom Reports

Query as often as you like on the grid, or create your own graphical, saveable, reports from any field in the entire database that is accessible within your security level and save them in over 20 file formats. Schedule large reports to run periodically.

Maestro’s role-based Dashboard gives educators easy access to student data in real time to support informed, data-driven decisions and improved education outcomes. At a glance, users can view daily metrics and performance indicators in a visual manner to easily detect issues and outliers in student data. 




Navigational Dashboard Analytics

Maestro SIS provides real-time analytical data from anywhere in the system. The user can navigate from the analytical graph to the actual data on grids or reports. Dashboard widgets are uniquely defined per role.

Field and Table level Audit

All data in Maestro is audited at the field level and table level. Data entries and edits are logged with the date, time, user, old value, and new value.

Scheduled Reports

In Maestro any report can be scheduled to run automatically at intervals specified by a user that has access to the scheduling function. Such a user can also select other users whom they wish to receive an email notification when a report has run.

Integrate with other third-party platforms

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